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Fashion Icon

January 7, 2013

There was a long period of time that, for numerous reasons, the products and games that I worked on never released.  Fashion Icon was the game that broke that streak. Over the past year I’ve had my name placed in the credits of numerous games and I’m going to post screenshots and write a little about the work that I did on them in the next little while.

In the development life of Fashion Icon, I was only on the project at the very beginning and the very end but two main contributions of mine made it into the game.

The first was the design of the characters.  The early requirements were that the character needed to have lots of animations and lots of custom clothes.  We could have broken them up into torso/arms/legs/head like numerous flash based games had done in the past, but because we were using the Unity engine I suggested we try creating flat 3D characters with bone structures.  This also gave the added benefit of being able to bend fabric in a more natural way (Not perfect, but as well as the iPhone will allow).  I switched projects, and over time the character model was replaced and refined by coworkers, but the core idea for the structure of the character remained the same.

Towards the end of the project everyone was working to cram it into the 20MB 3G limit that the iPhone had.  The solution that I worked on to reduce texture sizes was to tile the backgrounds where they could.  The building facades are made up of repeating windows, with the exceptions of the 1st level and the corners of the buildings.  I solved that by creating a 3DS Max Script that would take the mesh of the building and a template parallelogram and automatically slice it into a repeating grid.  From there it was just a simple matter of overlapping the UV’s and the city scenes were now able to fit into a single 2048×2048 texture.


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