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Virtual Box

May 21, 2012

I’ve been running Sun/Oracle’s Virtual Box on my machine for a little while now to make use of my copy of vista that I no longer use.  Originally I installed vista on a 20GB partition, but it quickly ran out of space after installing patches.  I tried to solve the space issue with a virtual secondary partition and moved all of the software it was running to the other drive, but as happens with Microsoft operating systems, the patches kept coming and the drive filled up again.  After leaving it for a good 6 months I finally got around to trying to fix it again.

Looking through the help files of Virtual Box I found that there is a command line option to increase the size of a hard drive.  I expanded the 20GB HD to a 200GB hard drive and Virtual Box saw the change.  I couldn’t, however get Vista to recognize the change.  After some searching I found a simple solution.  Go into the control panel, search for “Partition”, right click on the drive and expand it to fill the remaining space.  After days of futzing with it, in the end it took about 30 seconds.  <<Shakes head in shame>>



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