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Batman: Arkham City

March 15, 2012

Batman: Arkham City
I recently finished Batman: Arkham city and thought I would review it a little here. It’s a very well made game, but I felt that it wasn’t designed very well.

[Spoilers Ahead]

As I was playing through the game I felt that I was missing stuff, but I continued none the less. Nothing that I would consider a side mission was showing up on the map, so I figured I would just continue with the story until they appeared. Maybe I didn’t have something that I needed to see everything. I tried a few riddler puzzles but I could never get them. Again I figured, maybe I didn’t have all of the gadgets to do them. I continued with the story and fought Clayface. While I could get him down in health, I could never beat him, so I looked up a video on YouTube. I was informed about two things at that point. Pressing X twice in quick succession would make Batman jump to the side, something that I hadn’t needed until then, and I was at the end of the game. After learning that I finished the game in no time.

By this time I was very confused. Some of the story didn’t make sense and I went looking for what went wrong. I watched a number of youtube videos showing me stuff I hadn’t seen when I realized that on the map screen, if you pressed Square you would see the side missions. The answer was staring me in the face the entire time I was playing the game, I just didn’t see it. Nothing in the game told me about the feature either. Once I had figured out that I went back and started to complete the side missions. On some of them I even got small audio blurb tutorials on how to properly use the weapons I was fumbling around with the first time.

After doing all of the side missions except Riddler and the Augmented Reality training that I could just never complete I started to look up the Riddler puzzles. I watched about 40 minutes of videos on YouTube to figure them out and I realized why I never got them. I didn’t have all the tools still because I needed to complete the Augmented Reality. Once I got all of the tools I started doing all 422 of them. I got most of the way through except for one in the Bowery that I just couldn’t figure out and the special fighting ones that I will never do. I watched yet another Youtube video on how to complete the Bowery puzzle. It turns out that you have to use functionality that was never explained anywhere and was never used anywhere else in the game. That’s just bad. In order to get the question marks to explode in order, you have to zoom in and make sure that only one is visible on the screen at a time. It wasn’t until I was explaining it to a coworker at work that he let me know why I was confused. Apparently that feature was used all over the place in Batman Arkham Asylum… a game I’ve never played before.

[End Spoilers]

With that I have these final remarks. If you’re going to play Arkham City, make sure you play Arkham Asylum first. The game will most likely make a whole lot more sense to you.


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