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DJ Hero 2

January 13, 2011

DJ Hero 2 ScreenshotWe recently got DJ Hero 2 for the PS3 and I have been playing it off and on over the past few weeks. It’s not bad. Some of the songs repeat a lot but other than that I can’t fault it for much else. It’s fairly bug free, and the graphics aren’t bad. They’re very stylized which sometimes works, but sometimes the characters just look plain weird. I was able to complete the game on the Medium difficulty level with little trouble. I’ve tried a little of the game at the two higher difficulty levels, but I have an inkling that the expert level is probably harder to do than the actual thing. The game is worth playing if you don’t mind having yet another peripheral hanging around, but it’s not really that much of a party game like Guitar Hero or RockBand. Overall I’d say it’s an above average game and it has a lot of replay value.


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