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The Kinect

January 4, 2011

Kinect Hacking from Neil Marshall on Vimeo.

I received a Kinect for Christmas specifically for hacking (I currently only have a PS3 and Wii) and I managed to get it up and running within a couple hours. I’m in the process of trying to get it to run in the Unity game engine, as that is the engine I work with at my day job, but so far I haven’t been too successful. The video shows off the sample apps that come with Freenect from OpenKinect, which is what you need to use to get it to work on a Windows machine. As for Unity, I’ve got it loading and capturing data. The problem is the data refuses to transfer from the Byte arrays into Texture2D objects. As soon as it copies the data, the events sending the data immediately stop transmitting. I think what other people have done to get it working is they have created a C++ plugin for the game engine that handles all of the data instead of trying to handle it in C#. I think I’m going to investigate their methods now as I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with what I have tried so far.

If you have any suggestions with regards to getting it operational in Unity3D please drop me a line.


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