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Enslaved for the PS3

January 4, 2011

I received Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for Christmas and I would say it’s worth playing. It has its issues, but overall it has a decent story and the game play is pretty good with a few exceptions.

Brief tutorials were supposed to trigger during the game but a couple of times it took me wandering around for about twenty minutes to get them to trigger. I couldn’t go anywhere new and it wanted me to walk over a specific spot on the ground just so before it would trigger. I think I also missed some tutorials at the start as it never taught me some of the controls. I only figured them out on the second last level, which was frustrating. Even with upgrading my equipment I was still having a really hard time defeating enemies until I realized that holding down the square button disabled enemies without needing bullets. Once I figured that out the last two levels of the game were simple. I think I would put that blame on the Level designer. It shouldn’t matter which ramp I glide up, it should still trigger the tutorial or at least have a visible marker as to which one I should be on.

On the flip side, it also hand holds you with lots of things. You can’t fall off an edge of a platform that you aren’t supposed to. While it stops you from constantly dieing it felt like there was little challenge to the jumping puzzles. And there was very little question to where you should jump; anywhere you needed to go glowed. Wander around until you saw the pulsating white and press X. It eliminated a lot of the challenge. I think they could have masked it a bit better but kept the ease of knowing where to jump by adjusting the art in the levels. If there is only one pipe you can climb, don’t have 40 in the vicinity and then make one of them glow. Perhaps only have one that you can reach.

As for the story it’s very similar to a movie that you’ve probably seen but I don’t want to give it away and it is only revealed in the Epilogue. I was actually hoping that there would be more to the story towards the end, but it seems that they just cut it off. It ended very abruptly story wise and left me feeling like they cut something out.

As for the length, it only took me three play sessions of a couple hours each over the weekend to complete. I don’t know if that’s because it was a game I liked and I finished quickly or because it was short. It was over 10 levels and I remember being surprised by that, so I have a feeling that it was because I liked it. Now all I need to do is find a new game like this to play.


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