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May 9, 2010

I’ve been interested in processing images off of a web cam for a while but I haven’t had the ability to do it until now.  I have been banging my head against the wall trying to install openCV for too long but was never able to figure out how to compile even the most basic app because all of the documentation was out of date.  That changed when I found a You Tube video to guide me through the process.

Once I did that, and remembered how to program in C++ (I’ve been using C# for over a year now – I’m a bit rusty) it only took me a couple hours of reading documentation to write a basic app that does edge detection of a web cam image in real time.  It’s still not perfect and it’s night time so the low light is throwing it off, but it worked out well.  I just have to find out how to reduce the background noise and I’ll be able to do more with it.

My first OpenCV application.

It seems to be pretty good at tracking eyes. I just need to figure out how to tell which edges are the eyes and which are the outside of the head.


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