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Adventure Games Continued

April 14, 2009

I managed to complete Dirty Split yesterday. It’s a short game, but it’s fun and the voice acting is really well done. The puzzles got a little frustrating in parts, but they were all solvable without looking up the answer in an online walkthrough. Some times game developers seem to throw in puzzles which require a lot of random clicking if you don’t think exactly the same way as them. One thing I would have liked to have seen was at least the appearance of choices if not actual choices. You run through all the options until there are no more and then you move on to talking to the next person. It would have been nice to see some side quests of some sort. Maybe in their next game.

On a side note, on April 1st Microids announced that Syberia 3 is on its way. While it was an April Fools joke, I hope they’re working on it. I’d love to see another part to the story. If you get a chance to play the first two they’re a little slow, but well worth playing.


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