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Crashing Software

March 27, 2009

I visited the AGO today to check out the building now that the new renovation is done and I noticed that they have these little touch screens beside some of the paintings which have a half phone attached to them so that you can listen to audio describing the works. You can also dial a 1-888 number and then enter a three digit code to listen to the same audio on your phone.

As it turns out, with my luck, I came across one that crashed. It dropped out of the audio application and back into Windows Mobile. Internet Explorer showed that it was running some sort of Asus hardware with GPS ability.  I tried, but it didn’t have a net connection.  My guess is it was something along the lines of this or this in landscape mode.

Followup:  Just in case you feel like hearing about a random work of art, the phone number is 1-888-244-4184.  Enter 210# if you want to hear about St. Johns Head or any other random 3 digit number followed by a number sign.


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