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Vista Gadgets Part 1

March 25, 2009

I’m working on a custom Gadget for Vista which reads in RSS feeds from and displays images in the sidebar.  It’s an Automatic image browser.  Just watch it and it hunts down new images to look at.

I decided to use jQuery to get to know it better and ran into an annoying snag.  DA stores its image information in a custom media namespace and jQuery was ignoring it.  I made some progress with Withering Tree’s solution which was:

But it stopped working at some point.  In the end this is the code that worked:
var content = this.getElementsByTagName("media:content");

It didn’t even use jQuery, just standard DOM calls.  I have a couple more features I have to get right before I can show off version 1.0, but it should hopefully be coming along soon.


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