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Vista Issues

March 19, 2009

A couple days ago I noticed that the fans on my case weren’t shutting off when the computer was put to sleep at night and it got very annoying after about 10 minutes of listening to them.  I traced back through what I had installed on the computer in the last day, printer drivers appeared to be the culprit, so I uninstalled them and shut down again.  Nothing changed.

After some searching on Google I found out that people were having issues with Windows Media Player.  Apparently it wants to be able to play a video even if the machine is in sleep mode, so it keeps the fans running.  And it just so happened that I saved an image to the Pictures folder.  I guess I triggered something by storing a photo there.

To stop the fans in this case, this is what you do.  Go to the control panel.  System and Maitanence.  Power Options.  Change Plan Settings for the setting that you are currently using.  Change advanced power settings.  Multimedia settings -> When sharing media -> Setting: Allow the computer to sleep.

Put your machine into sleep mode and your fans should stop.


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