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Photoshop Drawing Part 3

March 19, 2009

Shows the progress of the drawing.

It turns out that I had time to work on the image all day today. After adding some more detail on the gloves, I modeled the torso and skirt in 3DS Max and then imported it as a new 3D layer in Photoshop. From there I painted on the model using the standard tools.

I learned that Photoshop doesn’t like it when you use the smudge tool on a 3D models texture. It caused the program to think for a long period of time, and when it finished it looked as if nothing had changed.

The other issue I had was trying to see what RayTracing was like. I left my i7 going for about 10 minutes before ending the process because nothing was happening. If you want to raytrace something, I suggest you use 3dsmax and not Photoshop.


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