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Character Attack Animations

February 23, 2009
Fighting Animations by Neil Marshall

I created these animations for a computer game being built by indy developers using the Garagegames Torque engine.  I’m not sure if the game will ever be finished, but I have worked on them quite a bit and figured I would show them off. 

The animations are only upper body animations as the bottom portion will be adjusted at a later time in game depending on if the user is running or just standing still.  You need to design animations this way in order to take into account all of the different possibilities of user input.  It’s also the same reason that the transitions have to return to a root pose before starting the next animation.  In the future I hope I can look into Natural Motion’s software (example) to eliminate that need, but for now, the technology I’m using doesn’t support it.  I’m also on the look out for free software which does something similar to Natural Motion’s.  Drop me a line if you know of such a package.


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